NFL Super Bowl Champion Larry Centers pens letter about Miracle For Mom

Last month, we lost yet another NFL player to the devastating impact of ALS, which is commonly known as Lou Gehrig’s Disease. Dwight Clark was an incredible football player and -- from all accounts – an even more impressive human being. Seeing Dwight’s life cut short – like that of my friend Kevin Turner just two years ago – hit home.

We also cannot ignore the impact that brain injury and disease has on depression. Although Junior Seau’s case is one of the more famous, a former teammate of mine – Chris Gedney – recently joined the ranks of the nearly 40 former NFL players who have committed suicide. Of the 111 former NFL players believed to have CTE, autopsies have revealed that 110 of them did.

For these reasons and others, I feel compelled to support organizations like Miracle for Mom. I had the pleasure of taking part in Miracle for Mom’s charity golf tournament this spring, and learning more about their fight to facilitate treatment and find cures for brain injuries and diseases like ALS, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, PSP, CBD and MSA. In the meantime, they also fund equipment and therapies that help families cope with the impact these debilitating diseases have on loved ones.

So as we all enjoy our summer vacations this year, I hope those of us who are able, remember groups like Miracle for Mom. Their work has never been more critical.

Larry Centers
Super Bowl Champion, New England Patriots
NFL Record-Holder
3x Pro Bowler
14-year NFL Veteran
Cardinals, Bills, Redskins, Patriots




My mother, Josefina, was diagnosed with corticobasal ganglionic degeneration (CBGD or CBD) in November of 2016.  This March, she will turn 64. Her symptoms, however, began to present in her late 50s.  This disease has slowly taken away her mobility, her speech, and her independence.  This disease is rare affecting only about 5-6 in 100,000 people, and supportive resources are limited.

I wanted to to bring awareness to this terrible disease, so for my birthday earlier this year, I chose to raise money for Miracle For Mom through a FaceBook-based fundraiser.  MFM is a non-profit organization that supports individuals and families affected by rare brain diseases.  Within a week, we raised $895.  I was truly amazed and humbled by the amazing response from family, friends, and friends of friends.

MFM was able to provide my mom with a reclining wheelchair.  Because of her CBD, my mom has difficulty holding her head up. My dad had placed an old cookie sheet padded with a towel behind the backrest of her old wheelchair to help keep her head up. In her new chair, her head is supported, and she can also fully recline back as well. Something like this may not mean much to some, but this wheelchair has been so helpful not only for my dad who is her full-time caregiver, but for my mom’s quality of life as well.  

On behalf of my family, I would like to thank Miracle For Mom for the work they are doing for those affected by debilitating brain diseases.


Johanna Littlejohn


Miracle for Mom Foundation Presents $20,000 Check to Emory Brain Health Center

To all of our donors and supporters, thanks to your generosity and financial support, the Miracle For Mom Foundation was able to proudly make a $20,000 donation to the Emory Brain Health Center in Atlanta to be used for clinical trials and research for a cure of all debilitating brain diseases! We hope you will continue to support our efforts to find a cure!

Click on the link to watch our presentation which was featured on CBS46 News in Atlanta.  

2018 Miracle Open Raises Over $48,000

The Miracle For Mom Foundation would like to thank our sponsors and golfers for making the 2018 Miracle Open Celebrity Invitational a great success. 

The event raised over $48,000 which will help fund medical equipment for families in need and support research for a treatment and a cure for all debilitating brain diseases.

Several celebrities joined the cause this year including NFL Super Bowl Champion Ed 'Too Tall' Jones, Former Atlanta Falcon Billy "White Shoes" Johnson, Atlanta Hawks legend Kevin Willis, former Atlanta Braves pitcher John Rocker and NFL Super Bowl Champion Larry Centers.

We hope you will join us next year at Stone Mountain Golf Club for this fun and fulfilling event!